All Hockey Canada and SHA rules apply, except where otherwise posted.


DRESSING ROOMS:  Each team will be assigned a room for the 2 days. MAKE SURE take key room at night and dressing room is cleaned.


HOME & AWAY: All teams must arrange to have a set of both light and dark jerseys. The home team will wear light colored jerseys.


PRE-GAME WARM-UP:  Teams will be allowed a three (3) minute
warm-up at the beginning of the game. Teams must be ready to begin
the game is soon as the referee blows the whistle. Pucks will be provided.


ICE FLOODS: Ice floods will occur after every two periods of play,
which will commence with the next game of the day. Teams will be
given a 12-minute break while the flooding is done. When there is no
flooding between periods, each team
will be given a 1-minute break. For games that are starting with no
flood, teams should be ready to begin their warm-up immediately
following the preceding game.3 mins will be given for warm-ups each game.


GAME LENGTHS/MERCY RULE: All games in the tournament are 20-minute stop-time periods. Should a team have a lead of 5 goals or
more at the start of 3rd period, running time shall apply. Should
this lead revert back to 4 or less, stop time will resume.  This
rule will apply to ALL games of the tournament.


PENALTIES: The clock will not be stopped during straight time (i.e.
when the mercy rule is in effect) while the referee deals with any
       (a). Penalties during Stop-Time: Minor: Two (2) minutes - Major:
Five (5) minutes - Misconduct: Ten(10) minutes.
       (b). Penalties during Mercy Rule: Minor: Three (3) minutes from
the drop of the puck - Major: Seven (7) minutes from the drop of the
puck - Misconduct: Fifteen (15) minutes from the drop of the puck.
Time Keeper will use their digression


ROUND ROBIN: There will be no overtime in the Round Robin
games. Points will be awarded as follows: Two (2) for a win, One (1)
for a tie none (0) for a loss.

Playoffs:  Top two teams will play for the “A” side, the two middle teams will play for the “B” side and the two bottom teams will play for the “C” side.



First:  Most wins

Second: Overall goal differential for the round robin games (Max 9 per game)

Third: Fewest goals against

Fourth: Most goals for (No max per GAME)

Fifth: Coin toss


OVERTIME:  If teams are tied at the end of regulation time, there will be a two (2) minute break with no ice flood. Teams will not change ends. After the break five (5) minutes will be put on the clock and played out at stop time with three (3) skaters and a goalie on each side. The first team that scores shall be declared the winner at any point during the overtime. If there is still a tie at the end of the five (5) minutes there will be a shootout to declare the winner.

SHOOT OUT: Each team will pick 3 players. The
visiting team will shoot first and alternates to home team until all 3
players have taken their turn. If a winner is not declared, then each
team will choose one player at a time to shoot until a player scores at
the end of the rotation. ONLY PLAYERS THAT HAVE NOT
PLAYERS (except goaltenders). This will continue until a winner is declared. If there is a penalty during the three (3) skaters overtime the
non-offending team will add a player to get the one (1) skater
advantage. If no goal is scored the penalized player will enter play and
the teams will continue four (4) skaters per side until the next   whistle,
at this time the teams will revert to three (3) skaters per side. If there is
a penalty near the end of the three (3) skaters per team overtime the
offending player will not be allowed to shoot in the shootout.


TIME OUTS: Each team will be allowed a 30 second time out per
game. Should an injury occur during straight time, i.e. when the Mercy
Rule is in effect, the clock will stop.


SLAP SHOTS: Will be allowed in all levels.


MAJOR PENALTY: If a player is assessed a 5 minute penalty, the player will receive an automatic game misconduct. Upon completion of the game the Tournament Committee will decide if further action is required.  Any MATCH PENALTY/GROSS MISCONDUCT:  Any player assessed a match penalty (A deliberate attempt to injure by spearing, butt-ending, slashing, cross-checking, etc.), or a gross misconduct will be subject to the tournament committee ruling before the next scheduled game.

INSURANCE:  All teams must carry their own team insurance and be covered for 2 million in Liability.  A copy must be emailed or handed in before the first game.